About Us

Our Mission

The Preferred Supplier of Photopolymer Plates to our industry.

To be partners with our customers and to inspire them.

To create value and make a difference to the industry for our company, our staff and most importantly our customers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to specialize in the production of high quality products for the printing industry at competitive prices with rapid response. It is to become the de facto flexographic service provider in South Africa.

Our History

In 2000, Jeff Cutler was retrenched from his position as Factory manager at a large packaging company, an event that culminated in the establishment of Stallion Repro.

‘I had just turned 40 and it was a shock, but also an amazing opportunity, as I had always wanted to run my own business. I felt if I was ever going to do it, it had to be then,’ Jeff reflects.

‘Initially, I traded in all types of packaging, but was I increasingly asked for advice about graphics. As I had studied art at school, I soon found myself designing packaging, and it wasn’t long before I was running a fully-fledged repro plant!’

Today, he and his wife Sally own a flourishing business, enjoying strong relationships with their customers.

Our Advantage

Our technical capabilities have given us an edge on art design and plate making for the packaging industry. Our digital plates are made to international standards and guidelines. Furthermore we continually research and invest in all types of pre-press technologies in the market. As one of the best trade-shops in South Africa, we have the know-how and the latest flexographic solution for producing the highest quality printing, colour separation and digital flexo plate making. We will help you to lower cost and improve lead-time.


eskologoEverything that was once only possible in offset or gravure is now possible with Flexo.

‘We have achieved Esko’s HD Flexo certification and produce top-quality printing plates to the highest standards. We’ve also gained a strong reputation for supplying consistent, high-quality products at competitive prices. Ask us what the benefits are using Esko HD Flexo and how you can in turn become certified.

A word from Jeff Cutler

‘We love what we do.’

It’s a passion and I have an amazing team working with me and wonderful customers, many of whom I’m happy to call friends. I have been running this company since 2000 and I’m more fired up and optimistic today than I have ever been so let us help you and your business to be the best it can be.