Our Services

Our capabilities cover the entire flexo and offset (spot coating) industries, be it a pressure sensitive label or a direct print corrugated box. Unlike other types of printing, flexography requires utmost attention to detail to ensure results required by discerning clients.


Narrow Web Labels

In the extremely competitive narrow web division, you need a repro house that can supply quality and speed in leaps and bounds. Our highly trained DTP team have the speed and passion to make sure your label is done quickly and efficiently but without any detriment to quality. Every label job is processed using our Esko high resolution imaging which means sharper images with finer highlight dots and less dot gain. With the introduction of computer to plate (CTP) we can produce plates much faster and more cost effective due to the fact no film is required. Combine this with our Esko HD Screening and you will have a label like no other. Ask us how we can take your label business to the next level.

Flexible Packaging

Stallion Repro provides formulated products and services for printing on any packaging material commonly known as Flexible Packaging. The segment Flexible Packaging covers a variety of end-use products based on film, foil or paper sheeting, ranging from snack food bags and twist wraps to PE shopping bags and outdoor heavy duty bags. In recent years, our investments in digital workflow and CTP has proved itself at the cutting edge of the industry.

Paper & Board

The segment Paper & Board covers a variety of end use products including pet food bags, beverage cases, gift wrap, detergent boxes, towel & tissue, envelopes, paper sacks, corrugated board (pre and post print) and fast food packaging to name but a few. No matter which products you are dealing with, Stallion Repro offers the highest quality digital plates suitable for your needs!

Offset Coating

Our photopolymer coating plates are developed for inline-finishing in offset presses with Flexo coating units and for the offline-finishing in coating presses.

Whether you are looking to apply UV varnish or water base spot coating for packaging or high-end commercial print, Stallion Repro offer high dimensional stable coating plate.

Corrugated Board

Stallion Repro offers a number of flexographic plates designed to meet the quality and performance of the corrugated market. We supply corrugated plates either loose or mounted for the press. Along with our latest CDI and plate technology, we will help you get the best possible print with minimal fluting lines and dot gain.

Offset Printing

Stallion Repro offers a full range of Water washout flexographic Metal back plates designed to meet the quality and performance of the offset printing market. Our technical expertise and capabilities have given us an edge in this market.

Design & Origination

Repro is not a matter of faith, but of control.

Our skilled artists and graphic designers have many years of experience creating labels & retail packaging that leap off the shelf! When a consumer sees your product on the retail shelf, you have about three seconds to deliver your message. Does it convey the message clearly and convincingly? If not, we can help. We can take your product to the next level, and make it retail ready!

Graphic excellence is not just about investing in high performance equipment and sophisticated software. The skills of our designers and operators make the difference! Our repro technicians are familiar with the limitations of the various printing processes, which is essential, if you are to retouch files to maximize a consistent print result. The benefit is not just a process ready print file but with fingerprinting, we can provide a press specific print file. Ultimately whether you are a printer or a brand owner this saves you money and gets you to market faster.

Packaging Logistics

Good design is good business!

Packaging provokes curiosity, creates desire and translates the spirit of a brand into the concrete impulse to buy. We at Stallion Repro have the know-how, ability and the technologies to make your packaging win in the market place. We will support your company along the entire process chain with your brand identity from design to final product.

In more and more industries, packaging plays the decisive role in a completed purchase at the point of sale. Designers are challenged to stir the buying impulse with new ideas. For printing companies, the challenge is to realise even the most unique designs on a mass scale. With our pre-press solutions, we close the gap between the idea and the printing press to translate a brilliant idea into a brilliant result.

That Extra Touch


Whether you need special expertise in brand packaging implementation or a comprehensive full Central Brand Management System, we offer a modular system approach for you to choose. What is best for you and your brand? At Stallion Repro we manage a balanced portfolio of clients, working with brand owners, designers and printers. Acting as trusted advisors throughout the graphics and print process, we have developed the understanding and capacity to deliver market-leading solutions for your brand. Acting as a central hub for all your packaging needs, we ensure consistent branding and colour consistency across your brand. Stallion repro prides itself in helping the brand owners product stand out in store.

Print Consultancy

Thanks to our close working relation with printers all over South Africa, our specialists have gathered vast experience beyond the borders of prepress. Our suppliers are keen to involve us in their development programs for new technologies, helping us to stay at the cutting edge. We gladly share our experience with the partners and customers. There are great benefits for you in our involvement at the design assessment stage, where we can assist in anticipating any pitfalls. We manage your expectations with our press approval service. Stallion Repro’s experts will accompany or represent you when needed on the press trial, assisting the printer to match the print results to the proof.

Empowering Printers to Maximise Value

Our range of products and services extends in all directions, encompassing every element between design and print including:
· Creative retouching and reprographics
· Technical retouching
· Project and technical management
· Colour management
Through this unique skill set – together with advanced technology and dedicated facilities – we are able to lay the foundations for our printer customers to develop and deliver high performance print in their respective markets and drive overall efficiencies.

Cost Savings

At Stallion Repro, we are researching continually at how we can save our customers time and money, but with no detriment to quality and service. These savings vary from the following:

• Combining colours to save on plates
• Creating common colours across a range to reduce plates.
• Colour accurate proofs and mock-ups to eliminate the guess factor on press.
• Extensive flexo knowledge so we can advise what is reproducible on press.
• Our DTP Operators will produce designs at repro house rates saving the end customer costly design house costs and sorting the turnaround times.

Contact us now so we can help you save the much needed time and money.

Colour Management & Proofing

Colour managements is an essential part of the pre-press flexographic printing process because it ensures the target colours your client specifies are precisely what your printing press will reproduce.
Stallion Repro provides a breadth of flexo colour management services, experience and technology to ensure premium results when translating design into print.
Our team can also work alongside printers to ensure they achieve the expected colour and print results defined in the original artwork specifications. This is done through our fingerprint on press so we can determine the press curve and ensure our proofs and plates are made accordingly.
The more complex the printing job, the more important it is to check the end results early in the process so that corrections can be made without a lot of cost and effort. Our clients also benefit from specific proofing solutions, including:
• Proofs on actual final printed material for precise assessments such as paper, plastic, foil, aluminium or totally new materials.
• Proofs with simulated screening, traps and overprints to get a better feel for the final product.
• Colour correct digital chromalins on approved colour specific paper.