Plate Making

Stallion Repro prides itself on investing in the latest pre-press plate technology. This provides a foundation for a service and product that continues to give our growing client base confidence in our approach.

Digital Plates

Esko is one of the leading manufacturers of CDI devices and are pioneers in laser technology. Nearly 90% of all digital flexoplates worldwide are illustrated on a Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) from Esko. That’s why we decided we must invest in the best and that is why we only use Esko equipment. With these CDI’s, we produce plates to the highest standards with minimum dot of 1%, providing our customers with consistent runs. The results can be achieved with a quality that, until now, was only possible in offset or gravure printing.

A decisive step in this development was the introduction of HD Flexo. This high-definition technology for flexographic printing sets new standards for the entire industry. Esko’s HD Flexo produces a noticeably higher print quality in both durability and reproducibility, thanks to softer transitions and brighter colours.

Computer-to-plate (CTP) encompasses all procedures in which printing plates are exposed from the computer. Today, this digital technology makes it possible to create all plate thicknesses and qualities. CTP offers highly reliable printing reproducibility, even when changing individual colours on an existing job.

Large-format Flexographic CTP

Your Benefits

• Finer screen rulings with stable dots. • High-density and full tones with lush colour intensity.
• Print quality equal to offset printing and realistic photo prints. • Precise, predictable results.
• Reliable reproducibility. • The highest production and delivery reliability, including high-definition (HD) quality.


Flat Top Dot with HD Imaging:
This revolutionary new plate technology for flexible packaging and labels has changed the way many converters think. In our industry it is not often that we come across a new product that completely wow’s us. The biggest advantages we are seeing is the larger colour range in process work, this is due to the minimal dot gain on the plates. There is also a clear ink density increase by at least 10%, this means brighter colours and the capability of producing many spot colours in your 4 process colours. Printers are now able to release the pressure on the press, giving them more control and consistency throughout the print run.

Flat Top Dot advantages include:
• Increased tonal range in the highlight area as well as in the shadows.
• Increased tonal dynamics and contrast of images.
• Increased consistency and repeatability on press
• Less dot gain tolerance.
• Higher wear resistance.

Esko HD Flexo

HD Flexo is raising the standard in Flexo printing with a new quality level. To further promote HD Flexo, EskoArtwork sets up a certification program. Ultimately, HD Flexo will enable Flexo to take a larger market share from the packaging and labels printing market, by enabling more and better print results and moving jobs from Offset and Gravure into Flexo.

HD Flexo is designed to –
• Increase the tonal range in the highlight area as well as in the shadows.
• Print smooth transitions to zero.
• Increase the tonal dynamics and contrast of images.
• Increase consistency and repeatability on press

Ask Stallion Repro how you can get that printing edge with our Esko HD certificate and in turn get certified by the leading flexo technology, Esko.